Millennial is a volunteer student-run programme connecting ambitious and driven students with innovative, fast-growing and sustainable SMEs and start-ups.


Millennial Consulting is unique in that it opens the doors to consulting to students that are also outside of management disciplines. We do so because we believe that critical-thinkers and problem-solvers can be found everywhere, and that with the right training and practice, they can become consultants.


Joining a short-term student consulting project has a variety of career and personal development benefits. Based on the experience of past students, these are some of the skills and benefits you can acquire, or hone, by joining the next Millennial Student Consultant recruitment cycle.

- Problem-solving
- Written and verbal communication within team and client contexts
- Stakeholder management
- Project management
- Managing expectations, especially that of clients

- Learn the skills and management frameworks needed for a career in consulting
- Network with other career-driven and consulting-focused students
- Get mentored by experienced consultants throughout your project
- Access to a tight-knit community of student consultants, and Station
- Trainings throughout your consulting lifecycle, helping you at every step of your project


- Supportive internal and external mentors that you can refer to for guidance throughout your project
- A diverse student environment made up from students in different disciplines and hailing from universities across Copenhagen
- Working on an interesting project with a local company
- Trainings on the more theoretical skills and frameworks needed to manage consulting projects
- A learning curve – regardless of your experience and skills, this experience will require work and entail a lot new learning.

While the time commitment is what you agree on with your team, we at Millennial believe that you get out as much as you put in from your time as a Student Consultant!

  • Snapform aims to facilitate mobility through technology by ensuring access to high-quality prosthetics to amputees across the world. They are reinventing the way to make affordable custom fitted prosthetics using the latest cutting-edge digital technology.

    Millennial student-consultants helped Snapform Tech with a communication strategy focusing on value proposition and branding.
  • ZenzeTech aims to help people suffering from Parkinson's disease achieve a better quality of life with the help of data from the company's in-soles. ZenzeTech wants to sell the insoles as a non-medical device for research with the first sales contract pending, but needs a clear go-to-market strategy for further commercialization.

    Millennial student-consultants helped ZenzeTech with their go-to-market strategy, focusing on communication and branding.
  • ICC is an award-winning theater in the heart of Copenhagen which performs stand up comedy shows and provides improvisation training to both businesses and individuals keen to enhance their communication skills. Though also functioning as a theatre with regular shows, the most profitable domain of the business is the corporate-focused training. This part of the business, however successful, is almost exclusively marketed through word-of-mouth.

    Millennial student-consultants helped ICC Theatre with a recommendation for a marketing strategy, improvements on value proposition, and business model.
  • Sens-Vue is a med-tech company which strives towards improving field vision tests to the benefit of both patients and operators by reducing the discomfort and difficulties associated with the test.

    Millennial student-consultants helped Sens-Vue with market research of the current outlook on run field vision tests of eye disease and came up with recommendations on design features and channels.
  • Oralign
    Oralign’s Plaque Detector aims at disrupting the current market status quo by having a  single toothpaste which after use will expose areas with milder color and no usage of the market standard red pill. Oralign’s Plaque Detector and existing alternative products are currently aimed at all people with insufficient oral hygiene, for reasons such as poor technique or gum diseases such as Gingivitis and periodontitis.

    Our Millennial student consultants were primarily responsible for developing a marketing strategy, giving imputs for a new product’s concept.
  • Lubdub
    LubDub Productions is a podcast production company focusing on the health industry and targeting medical students or newly minted doctors.

    With a growing viewer base, Lubdub wants to reevaluate its business model and pricing: Millennial’s consultants were focusing on the pricing of the premium model and the possibility to target a new and bigger audience.
  • Stayseat
    Grounded in observing the inefficiencies of the widely used heating lamps for cafés and restaurants, Stayseat developed a more energy-efficient heating method for seated guests. A battery version is in development and requested by several companies in Copenhagen, but Stayseat wants to examine the potential market support for a better alternative with a cord.

    Over the semester, our students consultants assisted Stayseat and their heating method for seated guests by examining the potential market for a more energy-efficient and sustainable alternative.
    UVISA is a Femtech/Medtech company that empowers women by offering non-pharma tor intimate health issues. Uvisa has developed a device that cures both fungal and bacteria with light and destroys  all bacteria enabling the good bacteria to populate.

    Millennial’s student consultants assisted Uvisa with building their brand and developing a go-to-market strategy.
  • Wavy Wonders
    Wavy Wonders aims to make seaweed a natural part of the Nordic diet. The snacks contain seaweed, which is not only full of vitamins, but also absorbs 5 x more CO2 than normal plants and counteracts ocean acidification. Wavy Wonders has a product and production partner in place and is currently in process of developing a test batch for Denmark.

    Millennial student consultants will assist wavy wonders with the identification of core groups and creating a "guerrilla" marketing strategy to build up their brand and distribute the products.
  • Manevo
    Manevo specializes in automating 3D printing processes for B-B sales. The team has finished a prototype of their innovative 3D-printer, able to mass-produce printing with a print queue technology and now aims to be fully scalable.

    Our UX and tech-savvy Millennial student-consultants were thus fundamental in recommending and implementing a new interface for the client’s website, as well as providing market & competitors analysis, focusing on unique value positioning.
  • Go-Pen
    With its prototype insulin pen developed and patented, GO-Pen is testing the device usability in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), with the aim to expand accessibility of affordably, safely and sustainably diabetic treatment for the world’s most resource constrained populations. At the moment, GO-Pen is preparing production planning, clinical trials and FDA approval ahead of launching in North America.

    Millennial student-consultants had a major role in delivering detailed research and recommendations of next steps for a B-B sales strategy for the launch.
  • Butter
    Butter - a fintech start-up, re-engineering salary for shift workers by making salary real-time. Driven by their vision that a closer link between pay and work will lead to more motivated employees, Butter provides a platform building on customer-centric and behavioral design principles, which aims to provide a service that is helpful, easy and fun to use.

    Butter’s goal was refining the product: our Millennial student-consultants played a key role in delivering a detailed analysis and recommendations of an accounting software, and coding part of the solution using APIs.
  • Tollson
    Tollson is  a Copenhagen-based cleantech company, offering innovative, continuous and energy-efficient technology for filtration and dewatering. Tollson is currently testing and securing patents for its filtration technology and is now looking to start marketing commercially.

    Our Millennial student-consultants were an essential figure in providing marketing analysis and internal recommendations based on financial projections for the Danish, Scandinavian and North European markets for sediment dewatering.
  • CCC
    CCC is a sustainability company offering a wide range of services related to measuring and decreasing climate impact. At the moment, they are developing a prototype aiming to mass mobilize carbon accounting for SME businesses and institutions in order to create systemic change in the way we respond to climate change.

    To succeed, our Millennial student-consultants assisted in providing a marketing analysis as well as internal recommendations based on financial projections for the Northen European markets of CCC.
  • MiWire
    Thanks to its advanced, patented antenna technology RouDem, MiWire improves the signal in mobile data networks and provides fast reliable internet connections in areas where the existing infrastructure does not otherwise suffice. MiWire is now working on increasing sales of RouDem, both in Denmark and abroad, and on the development of SeaWire – a refined RouDem offering fast mobile broadband in coastal waters.

    Our Millennial student-consultants were in charge of two distinct projects:
    1. Researching and financially validating the sales and marketing strategy proposed for SeaWire, highlighting recommendations, based on market research and financial calculations
    2. Developing software to manage the multiple simcard-technology necessary for global data-subscriptions, by providing analysis and recommendations as well as proof of concept and technical implementation for the recommended solution  
  • Kaya Herbs is an organic vertical farm. It is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
    Imarit redefines the traditions, craftsmanship, and communities that have developed the Andean alpaca ecosystem over centuries to design elegant, delicate and versatile clothes for women.

    Millennial consultants were working on a business model of IMARIT and different go-to-market and branding strategies with focus on social platforms.  Furthermore, they were  providing the client with a list of potential crowdfunding options to apply for funding.
  • Kromtex
    The project for the millennial consultants was to recommend a supplier and logistics strategy for the procurement of used garments and fabric.
  • SOS Børnebyerne
    SOS Children's Villages gives orphans and vulnerable children a safe childhood with a family, a loving home.

Recruitment for fall is now closed.

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